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Hierarchy Variable should follow the deduplication approach which is followed in other Analytics Variables


Level 1


Description - Hierarchy Level 2 Variable shows the same value captured from multiple nodes in different line items.

Let's assume a scenario in which we're tracking:
s.hier1 = "first_value>second_value"; for 3 page views in total
s.hier1 = "third_value>second_value"; for 5 page views in total.
The delimiter is set to ">" in our example.
What we see in Adobe Workspace for the report "Hierarchy Level 1" is:
  • third_value: 5 page views
  • first_value: 3 page views
This makes perfect sense to us and is working as expected.
What we see in Adobe Workspace for the report "Hierarchy Level 2" is:
  • second_value: 5 page views
  • second_value: 3 page views
We see "second_value" two times.
That is super confusing and also causes a lot of questions on the client side. We'd rather expect the report to look this way:
  • second_value: 8 page views


From a technical point of view it is fine, but from a business point of view that this is not working as designed. There is no benefit and no additional insight in "splitting" the hierarchy level 2+ reports with the same values, and I feel like this should be changed, there should be only 1 line item for the same value though it is coming via multiple nodes, the results should be accumulated.


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Especially, since you can always get the "by node" breakdown by using Level 1 and Level 2 so then you see "second_value" nested under each parent node with the correct metric count.