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Hiding Panels in Adobe Analytics Workspace


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Good Morning, Adobe Product Team/@jen_lasser!


Currently, in Adobe Analytics Workspace, if I want to "hide" any section within living report, the best I can do is simply minimize said panel and move it to the bottom of the page, but that does not necessarily accomplish what I would like to do.

Oftentimes, I am working ahead on sections that I may want to include in the report as a future section, OR I have a section that I swap in and out, depending on specific elements being reported for that date range.  Creating a different version of the report actually creates more work, particularly when I have 50+ people on a daily distribution, and no fast and easy way to simply copy and paste my list of recipients (but that's a different issue).

What I would much prefer is a feature that allows me to select a checkbox that indicates which sections should be LIVE (i.e., Production-worthy) WITHIN a report that I am already delivering on a regular basis.  


Having this feature would mean that only Report Owners and those with EDIT permissions would be able to see this checkbox.


The sooner you can make something like this possible, the easier you will make the jobs of a LOT of analysts and managers alike.  Thanks in advance!


Manager, Digital Analytics

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