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Have complete parity between SiteCatalyst Dashboards and the iOS and Android apps


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If I point users to the various mobile apps for viewing dashboards a common complaint is that the app does not use the same formating for certain reportlets e.g tables etc. This means that some reportlets have diminished effectiveness at conveying insights to users and can cause confusion. 


It would be great if the dashboard engine work flawlessly across multiple devices and native apps. Plenty of data vendors are achieving this via standard opensource tech so this should be achievable for Adobe. 

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The mobile SDKs for iOS, Android, Win8, WP8, and OSX are at parity for data collection with minor platform specific exceptions, like Google Play campaign tracking which is unique to the Google Play store. For reporting, the out-of-the-box mobile app reports created by the lifecycle metrics are at complete parity across platforms as well. If you want to use these capabilities please download the SDK's and see the documentation for the platforms here: https://developer.omniture.com/en_US/content_page/mobile/c-measuring-mobile-applications