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Get rid of "Other" Pages and restore URLs


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In SiteCatalyst V15 the Pages report now includes an 'Other' value which is a roll up of all pages that a) don't have an s.pageName value and also b) are not on a domain in your Internal URL Filters list.

Previously any pages that did not have an s.pageName value were displayed as the full URL, regardless of whether they were on your site or not.


The introduction of this 'Other' page name makes it particularly difficult to trace a couple of significant problems:

- If your SiteCatalyst code has been copied and used on someone else's website (without s.pageName) 

- If you have developers doing tests on local machines or new test servers which you haven't accounted for. 

In these cases, on V14, you could spot the offending URLs and, if desired, edit the s_code.js so that the data got sent elsewhere, or you could just approach the offenders and ask them to remove your code.  

Now, in V15, this 'Other' rollup conceals such problems and makes it difficult to track down the causes.


I'd like to see this 'Other' line removed and the old URL default restored.







Can you share where you learned that this is the result of a recent change in SiteCatalyst 15? We might need to fix some documentation. The reason I ask is that this is how the Pages report has always worked, at least since 2006 when I started at Omniture; the full page URL would only display if s.pageName were blank AND the URL matched the Internal URL Filters. I'm going to leave the idea up here because I think it's still a valid request -- change the functionality so that the full URL displays even if it does not match internal URL filters -- but to be clear, what you are seeing is not the result of a recent change to SiteCatalyst, but rather existing functionality that has been around for quite some time.