Get consistent with Pages breakdowns



Apologies if this is re-post, I searched for it and couldn't find it, I promise Smiley Happy


Anyway - I wanted to have the inconsistencies in Breakdowns resolved in SiteCatalyst, specifically for the Pages report, but I'd assume the issue exists with all reports.


If you go to the Pages report and click the Breakdown icon next to any specific item, you'll see many options for breaking down that item.

Now close the Breakdown menu and click on a specific Page in the Pages report and see what options you have there for breaking down that item.


Isn't it strange that they don't match up?


For example, I can see the 9 reports under Traffic Sources when I click the Breakdown icon. None of which are Referrers.

However, if I click a specific item, I only have 1 report to break down that item under Traffic Sources - Referrers.


Seems silly that all breakdown options aren't included in both breakdown menus. ANy reason for this inconsistency?


Breakdown Icon:




Item Breakdown:


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Is there any reason to have what we call the "traveling menu," the one that pops up when you click on the line item itself? Couldn't we have just the breakdown menu and it would be just as good?



Yes - but it needs to be complete! Ex: referrers