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Geosegment ALL variables & events/metrics not just Visits


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The built in ability to look at clustering & segments of behavior on a geographic basis is a significant natural segmentation that we can not readily do. The data to do this has been collected almost since day 1 and associated to the Page View even down to DMA but but is isolated to only Visit Geosegment reports making it largely untapped and little use.


These Geosegments should be available automatically as both metrics (to break down any eVar/sProp) and as dimensions to break down any Metric/Event.


It would impact the full suite of tools for even the most obvious of things like regional produc recomendations, targeting messaging & campaigns, actually discovering trends, search behavior, etc. Not to mention global differences for multi-national clients.


SEE ALSO:  IDEA: Graphic Map Reports  When this is available viewing & dashboarding aswould be very intuitive.



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Kind of funny that literally every other web analytics tool on the market has been able to do this since about 2005 but Omniture still hasn't realized that just maybe people might care about how many conversions come from geographies, not just traffic.