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Generate a visual sitemap to be overlayed with an actual flow diagram...


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We can use data collected within Adobe Analytics to show a data driven view of how customers move around our site, whether in the Flow workspace visualisation or after we extract the data.
I'd like this ACTUAL view of behaviour to be overlayed onto a visual sitemap of our site, generated from our robots.txt file possibly, to show the difference between the actual and (possibly) intended view. This could highlight areas where the navigation of the site needs to be updated or redesigned. It would be especially useful if the link prominance/placement could be incorporated to show when customers are using your site in a way you don't expect.

At the moment we have to painstakingly draw out our intended flow on the site, and then manually add the % onward flow, and rejig if it doesn't fit, which is a pain. Would be great to automate.