Functionality to put all scheduled reports "ON HOLD"



With the recent issue regarding the UV count in the live version of Site Cataylst being significantly different from what's reported in the scheduled reports, I went to put the scheduled reports on hold until we are told by Adobe we can use the data again.  The only option to stop scheduled reports is to delete them and re-add them when the data is fixed, or switch the reports from 'daily' scheduling to a time period after the data has been fixed.  The problem with this is that I still have to go through each report and click a different report start date and this takes a bit of time. 


The better option would be a master button which allows you to put all scheduled reports on hold until such time that the issue has been fixed and reporting can resume again.  Then when the data can be used again, you would click on the master "on hold" button again and it would make all scheduled reports re-activate again.


In order to get this new functionality built and implemented in the Scheduled Reports area I know that one vote in the ideas exchange will not make it happen.  Considering this issue impacts all clients should you too have a bug in your data, then it would be a great idea to VOTE FOR THIS IDEA. 


A master "on hold" button when the data issue impacts your entire report suite, and individual "on hold" buttons for data issues which relate to just specific sections or pages would be handy.