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Full page URLs


Level 2


It would be great if there was a report that showed the full page URL with no character limits. If this isn't possible, it would be nice if we could customize the character limit of custom variables.


There are times when viewing the full URL of a page view is extremely helpful. We set up a custom variable to capture this information, but some of our URLs are too long and exceed the character limit. This means we have no way of truly knowing which pages our visitors are viewing. In some cases we have solved the problem by creating highly customized page names, but this isn't always an ideal solution. In other cases, we have to rely on Google Analytics, which does list the full URL of every page view.



Level 5


Not sure if this helps, since it's only half a solution, but for one of our report suites we have set up processing rules to populate three variables, using the page path, domain, and query string. This helps somewhat, since all combinations of, say, query strings, get counted as one path. 


Of course, that means we have to use 4 variables for a single-variable problem, and it still doesn't get around the fact that we have over 6 million distinct articles on one content platform. But it was still a massive improvement to what we able to get.


Level 9


Alternatively you can pull URL from a data warehouse export.  But I agree.. having URL as an available dimension seems obvious, considering the data is already there..