Friendly SAINT ftp user IDs



Currently when setting up a new SAINT FTP import account the user ID is automatically generated using the rsid currently selected along with a number (e.g. wmgrhino.com_7319095 and wmgd2cparamore_3482792).  When uploading to I constantly need to go back to SC and look up the SAINT account used for a particular upload.  

We maintain dozens of different SAINT accounts and the current auto-generated user IDs just add a few more steps.

It would be great if we could define the user IDs ourselves with the company Identifier as the prefix to avoid cross-company duplication, e.g.





Side note - when Engineering Services sets up an ftp account for you they create friendly names Smiley Happy

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While I agree with this great idea, maybe take a look at this one: d-to-single-account/idi-p/400

Wouldn't it even be easiert to just maintain a single FTP and use a filename syntax to specify the RSID and Report? Would be similar as for DB VISTA rules.