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Formatting options for figure legend labels


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I often have figures with complex labels, often with long-winded names based on variables I have no control over.

For example, in this chart (screenshot below), the main metric is Revenue, but there are filters for marketing tactic and a note on the non-standard attribution model (it can get worse than this!). The figure labels in the legend are concatenated from all elements. But the chart is already titled with what it's showing, so I edit all the legend labels to remove the redundant factors for simplicity and clarity. E.g., 


Revenue [Marketing Tag Tactic: SEM] (U Shaped | 90 Days) --> SEM


Changing the metric, model, or filters causes the labels to reset to the full names, so you have to edit them all again - it's very tedious, especially when the UI response is slow, like it is today.

Can we have a master legend configurator in the chart settings that allows you to choose which component elements to include or omit in the figure labels? E.g.


[ ] Metric

[ ] Attribution

[x] Filter 1


Would give you these legends: Marketing Tag Tactic: SEM, Marketing Tag Tactic: Banner, etc.


Better but still redundant. Ideally, you'd be able to edit the label prefixes in the master selector too, e.g., given this selector UI, where the text was editable,


[ ] Revenue

[ ] (U Shaped | 90 Days)

[ ] [Marketing Tag Tactic: {Filter 1 Value}]


you could change it to this and update all the labels at once:


[ ] Revenue

[ ] (U Shaped | 90 Days)

[x] {Filter 1 Value}


So your labels would be SEM, Banner, etc.


Screenshot - 5_2_2023 , 4_34_26 PM.png



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This is very similar to an idea I posted: 


I understand the need for having "automatic naming", but most of the time the generate name is so big, and wordy, and often confusing... being able to control the values, or even set up "auto generation rules" (if you've ever used Calibre ebook software, there is a setting where you can control the file name format based on all the various meta data, something like that would be awesome), but even just controlling a static name based on the table column would be a vast improvement..


Big Like from me... anything that can make this better!