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For Non-Administrators: Ability to SHARE Segments to a Select Group of People


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In the old UI, you were able to SHARE your segments when you SHARE your folder, so everyone can see the segment you created.  I understand the new UI does not allow this.  However, is it possible to add an enhance to the new Discover platform where you can create a group of people that will then allow you to SHARE your segments? Right now, you can only SHARE segments with “All” if you have admin rights…for a non-administrator, you have to select individuals…which technically is very painful when you have a large group of people.  I am hoping that an enhancement can be made to add in an option for non-admins to create a “Group” feature where you can select individual names that belong to that group and thereby selecting that group name when you create a segment….vs having to select individual names (so painful).



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fully agree! i need a function where users can share segments to the groups they belong! would make "teamwork" within the groups much easier...


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addition: i prefer to "close" the share function (except admins) to only people in the same group(s) they belong. especially, only admins or a new special group with seperate privileges?) should be allowed to "share all" for an item!

this way, every user can share what he wants within his group without any risk that other people see items they don't understand or even have a need for