First party cookies automatically updated in admin tool



This frustrates me, as I think it should be basic.  We have to fill out an SSL certificate & supply it with you each year.  The least you can do is update the admin code manager console with that cookie so when we do a code export, we don't constantly change that part of the code to use that cookie.  I'm the business person & do not feel comfortable altering the actual code.  Even on this simple replace, if I accidentally change one thing I'm not suppose to, I wouldn't know how to fix it.   I send it out, informing the developers to change it--it gets forwarded & then my original request to change often gets missed.  It should be standard for anyone implementing first party cookies that those cookies are just part of the admin tool/code manager.


OH--and while you are at it--it should KNOW when you select https/secure in admin, if you have a different cookie for secure--supply the code with the secure cookie version.