Filter Tables in Segment IQ within Workspace



Love the concept of the new Segment IQ. Only downside is I am stuck with the top metrics (or segments) as they relate. I cannot Filter or Select metrics/dimensions/segments that I might be most curious on. The tables should have the 'filter' capability that all other tables in Workspace allow. 

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 I hope the tables can have the 'filter' capablitity in the future too.



I am able to filter by clicking on Show Advance Settings, but I have to specify which dimensions, metrics, and segments to exclude. I would have to drag and drop about 200 items from the column on the left into this exclusion list to get to the remaining 10-15 items I want to run through the Segment Comparison tool. It would be easier if I could dictate which ones I want to include and exclude the rest by default. Exclude.PNG




Great feedback!  Have you tried just dragging the metrics you're interested into the metrics table?



 Thanks for helping out Trevor. When you say 'metrics table' do you mean the metrics section in the bar that appears after clicking "Show Advanced Settings" upon initial set up or the table titled "Top Metrics Against Segments" which appears after executing the segment comparison tool?


If it is the former, when I drag metrics over it excludes, not includes, them from the analysis. I would have to drag over 200 metrics that I am not interested to get the tool to run comparisons among the remaining 10-15 metrics I am interested in. I would have to do the same for the dimensions and segments loaded in my system.


I also tried dragging metrics of interest over into the "Top Metrics Against Segments" table after executing the segment comparison. The metric I drag over falls underneath a metric in the table Invalid.PNG