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It would be great if it were possible to run a filter on an entire dashboard, so you don't have to go through and set the filter on each reportlet.

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Yes. This would be very useful.



Best idea EVER!!!  Do it now!!!



i would use this feature a lot.  It would help me sort through a large dashboard quickly.



the question is why wouldn't it already be an option, but since it isn't, this is a no brainer that it would be very useful to all involved with setting up dashboards.



Very interesting idea—thank you all for sharing your thoughts on it. I just want to clarify one thing regarding terminology here. When you say filter, do you mean that you want a search filter that applies to all reportlets, or do you mean more like a segment, where the line items would not match the search filter, but the data set would?


For example, if you've got a dashboard with five reportlets, you want to be able to enter a filter value (e.g., "home") and have all five reportlets update so that they are only showing line items that contain the search value? Or do you want to have the reportlets update so that the data in each one is only data collected on the page (or whatever) called "home?"


(I know the correct answer is "both!" but assume that you could only have one of those two. Which are you looking for?)



Those both sound like interesting options. I did have the search
filter in mind.


To go back to your example if we have a dashboard with five reportlets, and want to to enter a filter value and have all five reportlets update so that they are only showing line items that contain the search value. We have to go into each reportlet, search for the term then update the dashboard.


It would be a huge time save to be able to update all of them at once.





Thank you for the clarification. I'll definitely bring this up with my colleagues here in Product Management, as it seems to have gathered a good amount of support very quickly (six votes in five days). We'll keep everyone posted, and please continue to share thoughts/feedback about this idea so we have a clear sense of what everyone is looking for.



Ben Gaines
Product Manager
Adobe Systems, Inc.



Hi Ben,


I'd love to see this - I've been waiting for it for ages.  A search filter-based option would suit my needs, but you're right - both are valuable.






Great Idea!



Hi is this the right thread to post this request: 


We want the ability to make a change in the “edit full report” section and have a “have this action apply to all dashboard reportlets” button.


That way when we change the school that we are looking at, just like the date range, it would apply that change to the entire dashboard instead of just the single reportlet.


We do a lot of dashboards with the "broken down" by option for an eVar.  Than we just concentrate on 1 of the results.  When ever I make a new dashboard for a customer, I have to edit each of the reportlets separately in order to concentrate on a different result for the eVar. 


Thanks in advance.



Ari Oshinsky.