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Feature to export data only from one Workspace panel and/or table


Level 8


Nowadays, we can export whole Workspace projects. However, sometimes project includes lots of data with different panels and/or freeform tables. There are situations when something isn’t possible to do with Workspace (or whatever the reason is), and I want to export only certain panel or maybe only one table to Excel using csv format. Of course I can export whole project and quite quickly delete the data I don’t want to use or collapse panels (before exporting) I don’t want to use or something, but if there would be right-click feature to import only certain panel or table that would be nice and helpful.

To be honest, there are many other features that is needed much more, so in my books this goes to category “nice to have”. But let’s see what other users might think about this one and if there are dozens of promotes then Adobe can increase priority. Smiley Happy

Btw, sometimes I need just image from certain table that I want to quickly share, so export/download panel or table on image format would be nice to have also. Of course I can make screenshot, but right-click on the tool would be again quicker.



Employee Advisor


Thanks for the feedback! We are looking into ways to provide more export options for tables and images. 

In the meantime, I wanted to share a quick way to export a single table. If you double-click the top left gray box of a table, it will highlight the whole thing. From there you can ctrl+c and ctrl+p into Excel.