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Exit Link tracking by Site Section and Page


Level 2


When tracking exit links it would be helpful to pull exit links by site section or page that the link was on.  As with most media companies we have different editors for different sections of the site and we would like to provide clicks on exit links specific to their pages or sections.


We have not found a way to do this at this point as the page identifiers load when the page does and the exit link is a sepearate event.  It would be helpful to link the two.



Level 5


You can already do this by using the exitLinkHandler plug-in that Omniture offers, so it will be placed in the JS code.  You'll then use a prop to store the "Exit Page" or "Exit Site Section" value in a new prop.  You can then use these props to correlate with the exit links.  But this would be a great default value in the reports so you don't have to code it.