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Excel data request query from Adobe analytics/Workspace to Excel


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Dear Support Team,

We are a frequent user of downloading data from Adobe analytics/Workspace. Whenever we download the data we get the dimension/metrics which we set up in the Adobe analytics/workspace.

What I expecting is, if we download the data from the Adobe analytics/workspace, I would like to have the query to be built automatically in the downloading excel where I can just change the date and refresh the data without going back to Adobe analytics/workspace and downloading the excel again.





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Yes i guess. is this not possible for Adobe?

I too extract data from sitecatalyst and workspace. i thing we can avoid downloading the same report multiple time just because of date changes. Guess this is what the submitter says.




Well Report Builder is very much the tool in question to use for this request.  You build your query in Microsoft Excel with the assets from the Marketing Cloud.  It is limited only in the sense that you cannot get the Visualizations unique to the Adobe Workspace.  The idea is that you get the data dynamically needed on the fly to use the full suite of Microsoft graph building feature sets.


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This is a great idea. Currently, Report Builder is the best way to build repeatable queries in Excel based on Adobe Analytics data.

We are, at some point, going to need to evolve Report Builder to leverage our new 2.0 APIs. Those are the same APIs that Workspace is built upon. When we do that work, we may be able to support something like this. We will evaluate this idea further at that time.