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Exact match filters


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The current filter settings of "contains" and "does not contain" make it difficult to isolate one item when in a ranked view.  For instance, when we want to show data only for the "Director" site section, the filter also displays data for "Director's Corner" and "Director's Notes".  Switching to a trended view allows us to select only "Director", but then switching back to a ranked view displays the other two sections again.  Adding "does not contain" filters will remove the unwanted items, but this gets very tedious when there are many items that need to be filtered out or when junk entries pop up that we couldn't anticipate.

Adding an exact match or "equals" option to the filters would save a lot of time trying to filter out every single item that contains a popular phrase but is not relevant.



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Why not using regular expressions? Google Analytics use that, which means there is already a lot of people already familiar with this notation that helps users willing to go "beyond the basics". 


As a matter of fact from what I remember Test & Target already uses regular expressions. Can this be leveraged?


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Yeah, would be nice if it worked as it says, "Enclose exact phrases in quotation marks". But regular expressions would be even better.