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Enable "Edit Schedule" for completed Data Warehouse requests


Level 2


Provide a way to edit and repurpose a completed DW request instead of duplicating it.

Sometimes, a "completed" Data warehouse request can be repurposed to extract the same data again. When such requirements arise, the current design does not allow us to "edit" a completed data warehouse request providing a quick way to run them for a different date range, instead it requires one to duplicate the DW request and create a new one out of it.

To me, this results in:

1. Duplication of DW requests whenever similar "one time" extraction needs arise.

2. Increases the list of dormant "completed DW requests", thus clustering the DW request queue.

3. Time & effort is spent in recreating the same request again - this can be avoided.

Provide edit feature to improve user experience. Duplication can be used where necessary.



Level 2


Also have the same issue. Struggling to understand why you can't just edit the underlying setup, this is a pretty basic functionality of report building. Plus I can see that this has been requested since 2011 at least so very poor experience from Adobe not to address it.