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Email/Text Notifications when scheduled ReportBuilder reports fail


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We have a lot of scheduled reports out of Sitecatalyst and ReportBuilder.  It's nice that they can all be maintained from SiteCatalyst, but it would be great if a report failed there was an email notification to the owner of the report.  We have daily and hourly reports, and usually we're the last people to know if a report has failed (I guess it's good to know that they're reading the reports!)


The only way to know if a report failed is by logging in, going to scheduled reports, expanding to 50 reports if you have more than that scheduled, and then searching for the reschedule arrows icon.  


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This feature was added as a part of tonight's release. If a scheduled ReportBuilder workbook fails, Adobe emails a notification to the workbook owner that provides the following information:

  • Workbook name
  • Reason for failure
  • Solution or troubleshooting options