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Existing Functionality: Currently, when users need to update metrics, filters, or dates on a bookmarked report, they have to recreate and reschedule the report. When managing a significant number of bookmarks and scheduled reports, changes can be very time consuming if updates are required.

Idea: Similar to the Edit/View Report functionality on Dashboards, users could Edit a bookmark.  Users could make changes to all criteria of an existing bookmarked report without having to recreate and reschedule the report. Once the changes have been made to the report, the user can click an 'Update' button that would exist at the top of the bookmarked report.  For example, very similar to Dashboards, the comment may read "Do you want to update the 'XYZ Report' bookmark in the 'Example Reports' folder?

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Archiving due to age and relevance. If this is still something that is desired while using the latest version of Analytics/Analysis Workspace, I'd highly recommend creating a new idea and linking this idea there. Thanks!