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Dynamic date comparison


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We used to use another analytical solution to do our analyses. Adobe Analytics allows a much finer analysis than your main competitor. And that's bravo.

On the other hand, you lack a major functionality compared to your competitors: it is impossible today to compare dates in a dynamic way.

Example :

I want to compare a period



versus last year

I can use your "compare date period" feature and I will then have the same date versus year-1 namely 01/01/2017 to 18/01/2017

but if I change the date in the main panel to put



My comparison column will then remain on 01/01/2017 to 18/01/2017

So it's a disaster for the analyses and I don't see myself updating my tables every time I want to do an analysis.

Can you therefore propose a functionality allowing to have a checkbox in the main calendar with the mention :

- comparison versus last year

- comparison versus last month

And this in a dynamic way




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We added a prototype to Labs today called "Panel Anchor Dates" that we hope addresses this idea and others like it. Please test it out and provide feedback through the Labs portal. Thanks!

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Reiterating support for this idea. We have monthly scorecards that show date range comparisons ( "last month" vs same month YoY vs trailing 3mo average) as well as a MTD version that has the same 3 comparisons.


Now that we're into September, I can answer questions about August's performance using my scorecard workspace, but for any lingering questions about July performance (or any other previous month), my Workspace is essentially useless.  My only options are to:

  1. Update the purple date ranges so they are no longer rolling, essentially "locking" them as each month completes, which then would require monthly updates to date ranges and calculated metrics as well as ongoing organization/maintenance as the list grows. 
  2. Export monthly data to excel and run the comparisons I need. This wouldn't be challenging for the overall metrics themselves, but I also have a lot of dimension tables in my Workspace so I can understand drivers (traffic channel, entry page URL, etc) and many of these would also need to be pulled monthly then exported)

@jen_lasser I see this was in Labs in June - Any great news to share? 




@ericdemarse we've gotten great feedback from the labs prototype. We are finalizing some of the details about the experience and we hope to bring it to production sometime in the future. 




@philliptrost We are still working through some of the final details on this but hope to bring it to production sometime in the near future. 


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@tsabin03 I'm seeing a new date range feature in production. This looks very promising! I appreciate the team working on this and rolling it out! I've only played around a little bit but so far it works great!