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DW: ability to verify ftp info, resend if error


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I created a report in Data Warehouse to be exported, and it took 3 days to complete.  Upon completion it was not delivered, because there was a problem with the FTP credentials supplied.  Apparently this report that took 3 days to complete is not sitting on your server anywhere for me to ask to resend it; I have to start over from the beginning, which sucks. 


So I would like the following to be added:


1) When providing ftp info for a report, have a "verify" button that when I push it, Omniture will attempt to connect to it and send a small test file.  It should be able to know if it was a success based on the server-side result codes/values from the ftp call and give a little thumbs up or thumbs down or something.  Optionally allow me to instead confirm with a click that I received the file.  This will help prevent lost time and processing resources because of typos!


2) Add an option to resend the report if there was an error FTPing it! Why is there no option for this?  I am able to do it on successfully completed reports... but not reports that failed to be delivered because I gave bad FTP info?  Where is my option to fix that info and resend it?  A lot of exports take DAYS (!) to complete (and I know this has more to do with standing in line than the time it takes to pull the report), surely it is worth temporarily storing them on your end somewhere so that they can be accessed in the event something like this happens!



Level 1


I promote this idea mainly for the second point. I never understood why we can resend only for successful attempts... If the sending finished with success, why I could want to resend it ... ? On the contrary, when the sending failed, I have to duplicate the report instead of resend ... That makes me crazy.


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  1. I also would like to promote second point. I don't understand why we can't resend DW failed report. In our case we generate reports every hour. If a sending of particular report fails, why shouldn't I be allowed to resend it. Right now the only solution is to call Client care.  It would be nice if we are allowed to send report for a particular hour. Right now we can schedule a report for a particular day, week, month etc.
  2. Additionally, there should be an alert mechanism for failed reports, when we are sending it over FTP.  It's difficult to track failed reports, if we are scheduling them from UI.