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Discover Saving different Workspace into a single excel workbook file


Level 2


While i have been working with Discover i have noticed that I found difficult to export the analysis created on Discover onto an excel sheet  for integrating the data from discover with the data from different systems.


The reason is that like it or not a lot of companies still rely on MS excel for reporting matters


I need to be able to export a excel file containing all the report and of all the workspace used on Discover.


The excel file should have the name of the workspace and the name of the report as the name of the sheet (the best would be to use both the name of the workspace and the name of the report $WorkspaceName_ReportName$. I understand that excel worksheets have character limit, though i think that a possible solution or practice it is possible. For example limiting the first 10 characters of the workspace and the first 10 characters of the report might be a possible solution.)


If i make an analysis using 5 workspace with 3 report each this mean that i should manually copy and paste 15 times the data.

I think it is too much.