Dimension Icons for Expiration and Allocation



When i see the list of Dimension, i would wish there where a easy way to see if a Dimension is Hit or Visit based. And what Allocation is used.

Today we have to include this in the Description and/or in the actual naming.

For certain dimensions it make big difference if a user chose the Hit based, or the Visit based.

For those dimensions, where we have both we include it in the name.

But i would prefer if this was show with a icon, or other visual indicator

My quick mock examples below.


For other expiration than Hit and Visit, a other solution can be used.

I'm, sure Adobes skilled UX'er have ideas.

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Good idea, and I love your example! Though in Workspace, allocation can also be based on your metrics (for instance, an eVar with Linear doesn't show as linear in workspace unless you have a metric you've set to be linear- see Followup Post: Allocation in Analysis Workspace | Digital Data Tactics