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Dimension drop down menu in workspace


Level 8


Is it possible to have a dimension work as a drop down in a workspace similar to what you may see in an excel pivot table. This would allow us to build more interactive dashboards and reduce the space taken up.

For example you would build a table which had visits by day. You then drag the page dimension in as a drop down. The end user then logs in to the curated project and can click on the drop down to select which page they are interested in and the table updates to reflect i.e. showing visits for that page.





We're looking at adding something similar to this in the future. We will probably start with segments in a drop-down rather than dimensions, but will take note of this request. 


Level 2


+1 on this, particularly for curated dropdown segment selection on panels.  (I was about to post a similar request this morning.)  A checkbox option (for adding/removing a 2nd, curated and additive (more restrictive) segment, such as "External IP Addresses" or "Visits Containing Orders" to be used for comparative purposes against the primary panel segment would also be interesting.