Daily breakdown for Next Page Flow in Ad Hoc Analysis



My proposal is to have a way to easily show a daily breakdown of paths created in the Next Page Flow in Ad Hoc Analysis. This is so we can quickly calculate what is the daily average and standard deviation of specific paths followed by users, and be able to better understand if the path shown is significant or not. This is especially useful for A/B testing changes to the website geared at enticing specific paths to users.


Currently we can only get the total paths for the time period selected. This presents a challenge because if a path was ran many times during a the first half of your time frame, but then dropped off towards the end (or vice versa), there is no way to know this. This open the possibilty for misleading interpretations of user behaviors.


The only way to get this data currently it by manually creating path reports, day by day, and entering the paths into excel....  


Please! thanks!



Jean-Paul Behrens