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Customize the alert lookback period


Level 1


Description - The threshold in the alert system is a statistical calculation on the average. Current alert system uses anomaly detection based on the selected granularity:

  • Monthly granularity: 15 months + same range last year
  • Weekly granularity: 15 weeks + same range last year
  • Daily granularity: 35 days + same range last year
  • Hourly granularity: 336 hours

Why is this feature important to you - For business purpose, we need to detect an anomaly based on previous day data, or previous week data. Looking at "35 days + same range last year" or "15 weeks + same range last year" when your web app/pages have been recently updated doesn't make sense.

How would you like the feature to work - There is a wide range of possibilities offered with dates when you create a report, but not with the alert system, very limiting. I would like to receive an alert when today's data are xx% above (or below) previous full day data, only. Example: Today, event A fired 200 times, but it fired 100 times yesterday. I would receive an alert because event A fired 100% times more than yesterday (100% threshold).

Current Behaviour - See "Description" above, where it is not possible to select a different granularity, but the 4 available, with a very specific logic, which doesn't meet business needs.