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I sometimes have to analyze weekly unique visitors for a couple of site sections of our website and to get these data, I have to use DataWarehouse.

Unfortunately is DWs weekly granularity defined as "sunday to saturday" and cannot be changed. Our company's definition of a week in contrast is "monday to sunday". So I cannot use DWs weekly data for my work and have to analyze every week, as we define it, separately. For longer periods this is really a lot of work.

So I would be very grateful, if the "customize calendar option" of SiteCatalyst would also be implemented in DW and we could define ourselves:

- First Day of Week (most important)

- First Month of Year

- Calendar Type

Thanks a lot!

Kind regards,


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Hi Carola,


this was already proposed in the past and has a status of "In progress" here -to-be-linked-to-the-custom-calendar/idi-p/523


and here om-calendars/idi-p/1537


Same request for Discover: ed-Calendar/idi-p/164


I guess, we can need your votes to speed up the process.


so long