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Custom Variable Audit Tool


Level 1


It would be great if there was an "easy" way to perform an audit on props, evars & events to see if there are any which haven't had data rolled into them in recent history so they can be repurposed.  For clients where they're only using a limited # of props/evars/events - this can somewhat easily be done via DataWarehouse.  But for clients where they're using (for example) 50 or 60+ props/evars/events, this would be arduous (to put it mildly) using DW.

It would be great if there were a tool with a use case as such:


  • Enter the Props section of the Admin Panel for a given report suite where you'd like/need to repurpose Props
  • Click a button which says "Audit" or something of the sort
  •  A text box appears that says "Audit all props for the past:" (or something of the sort) with a drop down list offering a few options, such as "6 months" or "1 year"
  • Have a DB in place on the back end so the time necessary to scrub for the "empty" props doesn't take as long as it would if you simply ran a DW report for all props for the past 6 months or 1 year
  • Have report emailed out


I'd love to hear your thoughts around this...as functionality like this would be GREATLY appreciated!





Level 6


I'd like this feature/tool too. I inherited an analytics implementation and of course there's little to no documentation so its time-consuming to create reports for each prop/evar/event to check what is and isn't being used. 


Level 4


Extend the Audit functionality to cover all aspects-

1. props, evars and events - which reports are using a particular prop or evar

2. segments- which segment is using a particular prop or evar

The above two will be a huge win for our team, which constantly has to take flak for changing something about these elements and not informing the users.