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Custom date range - Previous month to day segment


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We wanted to compare current month-to date performance with the same dates last month.

I.e. if today is 25-February'2020,

this month to date would be 1-25 February'2020

AA_custom date range_This month to date.png

and previous month to day would be 1-25 January'2020.

But when setting up end date condition to "End of current day minus 1 month" in custom date ranges, it does not seem to return the dates correctly (only the start date included)

AA_custom date range_Last month to date.png

However, when creating a simple hit-level segment on this "Prev month to day" it seems to return the data impeccably and can be used instead in trend comparisons, calculated metrics, etc.


I still do not know why that is but it works for any similar rolling dates, i.e.. Last year to day, etc.

If anybody can recommend a better solution - please let me know.