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Copy Value


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I had trouble for a while when copying a value from a freeform pannel.

Let's say I have a Page dimension and i want to copy one of those values.Pages.PNG

On PC, i did not find any other solution but selecting it with the mouse and then Control C to copy it (which by the way don't always work as it doesn't always select only the value i want but the entire line, including in my examples my visits numbers).

Discussing with colleagues, it seems i am not the only one annoyed by that matter.

So here is my idea:

What about adding to the Right Click dropdown Menu an option which would be "Copy" of "Copy Value" to make it easier ?





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The only option that I know of works each time, is to right click and do download as CSV. will only download the selected items.

Not ideal tho.


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It's a nightmare when you have to quickly investigate URL-s with problems, etc. I hope this will get fixed as soon as possible.



simila problem:

[WORKSPACE] problem with copying text

Adobe support told me you have to save project before having copy/paste working... it's crazy. Please support the ticket to have that as fixed soon.


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I wouldn't consider this delivered - selecting copy to clipboard still copies the entire row.  A very simple example, if I run a search terms report with a Searches metric, I can't simply copy the search term value, the searches metric is automatically copied with it.  Incredibly frustrating when trying to tune an enterprise level search system.

Copy and past within freeform tables should work the same as copy and pasting in any other cross tab would (See Ad-Hoc Analysis, Excel, etc.)  I should be able to select any cell, or set of cells to copy.

I should note, I can select individual metric cells to copy, but not cells with dimension values in them.