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Copy a table/ panel to different project


Level 4


One feature that I like a lot in Analysis Workspace is that I can duplicate a panel or table in my project. One thing I do not like is that I cannot make a copy and put it in a different project.

Use case- I create a dashboard for 5 stakeholders under 1 manager. The manager does not want need to monitor all of the data that is in all of the other dashboards but each dashboard has a high level summary at the top. Either the Manager has to go to each dashboard and look at the se individually, but it doesn't give a comparison view of the other 4 stakeholders. So, I am left to go recreate each table of information in yet another workspace project. What would be great is to have the option to right click, and save to "ABC (pre-existing)  workspace"

Thanks, Adobe!





Interesting! We might need to wait on this until we have multiple report suites in a project, so that you can copy anything anywhere, but I do like the idea generally. We'll keep an eye on it and revisit as we get close to allowing multiple report suites in a single project. 


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This is one of my most demanded features of workspaces.


I have a personal workspace which I fiddle around in, with dozens of unrelated, collapsed panels. Sometimes I create new ways of analysing data that could be useful for others. I just wish I could push out that panel to a new or existing workspace so others can make use of it.