Compare Metrics on Multiple Time Periods In Analysis Workspace

mikem2436009 17-05-2017

I am looking to compare YoY, MoM, DoD across several different dates.  Right now, I am limited to pull in the "Compare Time Periods" to last Year or Last Month, ect... when a single date is selected.  Its super helpful to see the Percent Change between two dates.  But it would be more helpful if I could apply the "Compare Time Periods" feature to a trended date series.  I can "Add time period column" which is helpful, but it would be more helpful if there was an option to also "Add a percent change colmn"

See my ugly screenshot below for an example

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lu_liu 17-10-2019

I have the same question now.  Do you ever find out how to do this?  Is this a feature available in Adobe?  Thanks!