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Compare filters in Funnel reports


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Currently the ability to add a filter to a funnel report is very powerful - since we can segment reports by a huge number of variables it's helpful to use. However, the ability to compare against the 'normal' / 'average', or against other segments is missing.

So, for example - if I'm looking at purchase conversion by registered members, I'd like to be able to compare against the total audience; or if I'm looking at the same report segmented by visitors from Google I'd like to compare (eg) paid search vs organic. This would serve a purpose of either (a) benchmarking metric variance or (b) performing multiple analyses faster.

It's possible to do a date compare, which is very helpful at comparing time-series.

The current work-around is to create calculated metrics and add to an eVar report which does the same in tabular format.

*we're currently using v14, so not sure if this is resolved in v15?