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Compare filtered results in reports within SiteCatalyst


Level 5


You know how you can compare segments side by side in Discover?  I would love to compare filtered results side by side in SiteCatalyst. Example: Compare Revenue in the filtered results "abc" versus "xyz" in the Tracking Code report.



Level 3


Have to agree, even as a Discover user.  


It would be very handy to be able to compare multiple segments in the reports.  GA still rules the roost on this one.  While you can compare report suites, I wonder how many use that functionality.  Comparing two (or more preferably) segments in SCv15 should be possible given the new architecture of the data.


Level 3


Agree, particularly from the Segmentation point of view in v15.  Invariably I find myself needing to compare a segment's results with the All Visits segment.  It would be great to be able to do this in one report (a la Discover), rather than having to run two separate reports.




Level 1


I agree, though I would also like to be able to compare a segment to the remaining non-segment.  For example, if I create a segment for female visitors age 35 to 44, I want to be able to compare it to everyone else (and to other combinations of the remaining visitors, i.e., men age 35 to 44, women under 35, women 45 or older, etc.).