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Combine Fixed and Rolling dates in ReportBuilder


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I was trying to do what I thought would be a simple exercise in Report Builder - have my start date be a fixed date and my end date be rolling based on whenever I refresh the report.  You can do this in SiteCatalyst when emailing reports, etc. so I thought you could do it in ReportBuilder, but apparently not.

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You are correct, the capability to set a fixed start date and a rolling end date is not currently available in ReportBuilder. While you can specify this type of report to be delivered via e-mail from SiteCatalyst, this is feasible because of the set format that is used to generate the rolling report. In ReportBuilder, we allow users to place data requests anywhere they wish. This can cause major real estate issues of overlapping requests; however, we also appreciate the potential value this could add to ReportBuilder. As a result, we are considering the feasibility of several methods that could provide this functionality for possible inclusion inside of ReportBuilder version 5.0.