Column Cumulative Sum Function



We recently attempted to use the Cumulative Sum function in Adobe and discovered it basically doesn't work.

the idea would be update the Cumulative Sum function to dynamically adjust to the report that end user is reporting.

so if the dimension in the table are based on Day, then the cumulative function would just sum what is in the table.  Similarly to how the Column Sum function works.

the order should should adjust for however the table is sorted - so if we sort by day, then the Column Cumulative Sum would sort by day.  If the table was sorted by visitors then the Column Cumulative Sum would sort by Visitors

this should also work across





as long as all of the appropriate details are available in the table I'm working in Workspace.

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I'm constantly exporting data out of Analaytics to show a daily running cumulative total. To be able to do this in analytics would be much more beneficial.