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Clickmap not picking up input tags


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Currently, click map can only pick up the old school version of tagging when involving pick up the  tags (Such as


you can see the full list on this blog (I will copy and paste this below) http://buglist.net/2009/07/omniture-clickmap-problems/


Can we please have this updated as we are having issues on reporting accurate data.






Recently, I decided to dig into some of the problems that exist with the Omniture Clickmap technology.
First thing on my ToDo list was a brush up on the Clickmap documentation, updates could have been made since the last time I read it.

Well, there was one big change, the Clickmap userguide has disappeared from the:
“Help Home -> Supporting Docs -> Manuals” area, where all other manuals and implementation guides are located, it’s now only accessible through a Knowledge base article. Do a search for “Clickmap user guide” and it’ll show up in the results. (I’m still wondering why Omniture is hiding this file)

After a lot of reading & testing, here is my personal list of peculiar Omniture Clickmap behaviour:

  • Buttons only work under certain circumstances, an old school  works fine. But if You use a
Buttontext Clickmaps won’t work, and it doesn’t help to add a s_objectID.
  • appears only to be working if you add a s_objectID
  • In general, for elements without a href, without a s_objectID, but with an onclick handler, the content of the onclick handler will be used for identification of the link, but the Clickmap plugin will almost never be able to figure out where to place the clickmap overlays using these data.
  • Clickmaps seems to have some serious issues with non-ASCII data in onclick handlers.
  • The Clickmap documentation itself is somewhat confusing as it contains the usual mix of G and H code specific examples, I really think Omniture has to realize that it’s too difficult to “patch update” documentation while at the same time maintaining high quality. They have quite a few manuals in the need of a major rewrite.



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    The ClickMap plugin should support identifying links with the data-s-object-id attribute, which is supported by the latest s_code JS.


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    We have released in April a new version of Clickmap under the Activity Map applicaton name.

    Activity Map is available to all Adobe Analytics Standard and Premium customers.

    Activity Map can be downloaded on Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari and comes loaded with new features:

    - Many metrics to choose from,

    - Segmentation,

    - Page Flow Reporting

    - CSV Export

    - Live mode with minute trends,

    Additionally, we have worked intensively on enhancing the quality and consistency of the link data that is collected. As such, Activity Map requires websites to be upgraded to the AppMeasurement v1.6 library.


    Looking more specifically at the behavior that you have reported:

    - Button should now properly works,

    - non ASCII data in onclick handler issue should be resolved,

    click is not currently supported. It is debatable to consider if an input text should be considered a link. A better way to track this would be to add support for Form Abandonment Overlays.