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ClickMap - IE 9 + Support


Level 2


For the love of all things holy and all things good... Please update clickmap to support IE9.


I pray to all manner of gods that this is in the SC15 version of clickmap, as our entire organization has upgraded to windows 7 which comes with IE9.




PS - I'd take Firefox 10 support if you can't do the IE9 support.



Level 3


For the interim period try this:


While viewing the webpage you are going to overlay ~~~~ Hit F12 > Change Browser Mode to IE8


Clickmap should now display values when you hover over, etc.


Level 3


F12 should pull up a window on the bottom of the IE9 browser, you can also click the tools icon on the top right and choose F12 Developer Tools to see the window at the bottom of the browser. At the point you see the window at the bottom, click Browser Mode and change to IE8.





Level 1


We are releasing tonight a new version of Clickmap under the Activity Map applicaton name.

Activity Map is available to all Adobe Analytics Standard and Premium customers.

Activity Map can be downloaded on Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari and comes loaded with new features:

- Many metrics to choose from,

- Segmentation,

- Page Flow Reporting

- CSV Export

- Live mode with minute trends,
Additionally, we have worked intensively on enhancing the quality and consistency of the link data that is collected. As such, Activity Map requires websites to be upgraded to the AppMeasurement v1.6 library.