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Classifications and Pathing


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When a traffic report has classifications created and uploaded, it would be great to be able to have pathing enabled on the classified data and not just on the key or base data.

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I can see why this would be something difficult to do, especially if it were to show the pathing of grouped items.  So maybe there can be a new classification for traffic variables, and the requirement is that the classifications will not be grouped, but simply a way to rename the key.  Even if the classification has the same name between 2 items, it would not combine them in the pathing report, but simply show something like: Page 1 > Page 1


The reason for this is to show pathing of friendly names.  For example, our pages sometimes need to have their page name changed, and we want this change to show retroactively.  So instead of having code populate the page name, we can just capture the page ID (every page in our system has a unique ID).  If we were to capture the page ID we could then update the friendly page names via SAINT to see this change retroactively.  Only problem is, pathing is extremely important and we want to see the pathing for the friendly page names and not the page IDs, since that would take so much extra work to interpret.  So right now it's one way or the other.


We also have a complex video setup, where we have 3 delivery methods.  One is from our live stream, which plays 24/7, one is from a section called DVR where the video is available but not quite on-demand, and then the final form is on demand.  The only information we know during playback for all 3 is a unique ID for the video.  We sometimes, but not always, know the friendly video name when it is playing in the live stream, and same for the DVR.  So the best option is to capture the unique video ID, and then classify it (also makes it easier to classify other information about the videos).  But by doing this, we're not able to have a human friendly pathing report for our videos.  So having this feature would make our pathing reports for the videos EXTRA awesome, and we would have to quit hacking around the problem with Excel VLOOKUPs, etc.