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Classification with the same name/settings but incompatible



I raise here again an old but frustraiting problem with classification in Adobe.

If we create the same classification in 2 different reports suite, in 2 different moment, could happen that they look the same, but in Adobe code they are not the same, because they belong to different version of "something" that stands behind Adobe Analytics.

That's huge impact on everything, because we have to create a different upload process for each code version, and both segments and calculateds which use that classification, dont work cross all report-suites, even we use the "same" classification.

The only solution we have is to delete all the classifications and create them again. An incredible work to do, with all reports that need to be updated.

Please Adobe, can you fix this architecture bug?

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Thanks for the feedback, Jorno. We have a project underway to improve both the classification user experience and backend architecture, to address this exact issue. The future state we are shooting for is to have consistent backend classification IDs so that as you switch between suites, segments and calculated metrics, the classification remains valid. We are aiming to release a part of this project very soon, so stay tuned!