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Change where the red "warning" popup appears when making changes to variables


Level 4


I love that the admin console now has "show all" for changing settings on props, events and eVars, but I also wish that if I were making changes to evar50 then clicked "Save" it wouldn't actually save until I scrolled back up to the top and saw the red warning popup- the one that says "Warning, you are changing the status of an eVar... Are you sure you want to continue?". I know from experience that you can't proceed without finding and clicking this warning, but it would make sense to have it popup wherever I am on the screen, especially since 75 eVars and their settings can equal a fair amount of scrolling.



Level 10


Agree on the scrolling. Had this issue myself quite often.

But why not just make the popup at the screen wherever you are? So if you're down at evar75 let it popup there.


Level 5


This is OBNOXIOUS!  I sit there waiting for a change to take and forget that you have to scroll to see it.  Should be a quick and easy CSS change.


Level 9


also sometimes it shows up cutoff.  Dunno if it is because of position on page or with certain browsers (I've seen it in FF and Chrome).  I have to click save again in order for the popup to fully appear.