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Change the formatting of breakdowns in Discover 3


Level 2


When breaking down the row of a table in Discover 3 the item in first column is repeated against every line in the breakdown.

To illustrate- imagine we wanted to breakdown column A (country) by pages-


Column A                | Column B    | Column C  

Country                    |                       |Page views

United States         |Page A          | xxxx

United States         |Page B          | xxxx

United States         |Page C          | xxxx

United States         |Page D          | xxxx


The value in column A (in this case the US) is repeated against every value in column B & C


This creates a significant amount of unnecessarily work when this data is exported, since the output must be ‘cleaned’ in order for it to be made presentable. This also strongly limits the usefulness of scheduled reports.


In previous versions of Discover breakdowns were displayed much more clearly. If a row was broken down the smaller values appeared directly under the aggregated value.


I strongly believe this is a major issue in Discover 3 and would welcome a return to the old format. Alternatively, it would be great if users could choose the format they prefer.