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Calculated Metric Function: Count Items. For averages (e.g. Visitors per month) and more


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A function within calculated metrics which gives the ability to use the number of a specific item. See mocked-up screenshots below for example. As far as I can tell this doesn't exist now? Correct me if I am wrong.

count dimension.jpg

Practical uses (I can think of so many company-specific uses but they will be meaningless so here are a few generic ones)

1) Unique Visitors / Counted months

2) Show number of countries visiting each page

Product PageCounted countriesRevenue per Country
Product A674,123

Product B

Product C1011,111

3) Show volume of different pages viewed each day to spot trends

DayPages counted (i.e. viewed)
Jan 1st121

Jan 2nd

Jan 3rd100




Good news!  We actually released this last year - there is a function in the Calculated Metric Builder called "Approximate Count Distinct", and it works exactly like you've diagramed - it takes a dimension, and gives you a count of the unique number of items for that dimension.


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Hi Brandon,

Is there any movement towards removing the "approximate" to have an exact count? The numbers are off by 1,000+ in my dashboard when I use approx. count distinct vs looking at the number of rows.