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Bulk Delete scheduled reports


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Description - we have over 1900 old scheduled reports that wee need to remove, and we have to do it one by one, since the bulk delete feature is not available

Why is this feature important to you - it saves time and work

How would you like the feature to work - be able to delete by user and report name

Current Behaviour - manual work



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Question: Did you renew any of these reports before April 15, 2022?
A colleague of mine reminded me, the Reports module went "dormant" as of that date. 




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That is assuming that it's this page:


^ this page has the old reports that would have expired unless extended, you can bulk delete (in batches of up to 50 at time - and yes I've deleted over 1000 reports this way before - it wasn't fun)



As opposed to:


^ This also has a bulk delete, but you can do more than 50 thankfully



Or is this connected to the other post about Data Warehouse? (since they both cited 1900 reports).


^ Data Warehouse, does not have a bulk manage that I have seen.. if this is what you are talking about, I agree, it could use it...