Bucket "Days Since Last Visit" dimension

analytics_union 15-04-2020

Analysis Workspace provides a built-in "Days Since Last Visit" dimension. However, this is at a granular "day" level. In some visualisations, it would be more useful to see this by buckets, e.g. "same day", "less than 3 days", "less than 30 days", etc.


Since this dimension cannot be classified (using Classification Import or Classification Rule Builder), it would be good if Adobe can create a "Days Since Last Visit Bucketed" dimension to support visualisations that don't need granular per-day values.

Adobe Analytics Analysis Workspace Days since last visit
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analytics_union 16-04-2020

Ok, thanks.

areagan_409 16-04-2020

Hi, I have been wondering if there is a similar capability for bucketing the Days Since First Visit dimension item