Better control of Dashboard Rolling Date





I was wanting to create a dashboard that looked at activity last week and 2 weeks ago, but found that we are unable to create this as a dashboard:




I want to create a reporlet to see how many Visitors / visits/ Pageviews for last week and another reportlet for two weeks ago (these must be complete weeks).  I am able to set the preset for last week which allows rolling by week, but there are no presets for two weeks ago.  When I try to set this manually, the rolling is set only to daily and I am unable to change the rolling to weeks.


Can we please have the option to change the rolling between daily, weekly and monhly, or at least more preset options for this?  Companies would like a dashboard that compares two complete weeks of data.



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Agreed! I want to see Month to Date.


I select "August" for example, and the interface shows dates of fixed. But instead they are rolling. 


While presets are intended to roll, if we're given the option on a reportlet to modify the dates to fixed or rolling, they should apply.