Automated Content Naming (Similar to getPageName)



Many sites have friendly URLs that allow for the use of the getPageName plug-in. It would be great if there was a configurable portion of the admin console that would translate the configuration options of that plug-in into a nice UI where a SiteCatalyst admin could setup page and content naming rules without having to implement a JavaScript plug-in.


I'd also like to see this tool have the ability to override specific rules so that specific page names could be set.


Some of this could be done with processing rules at this time, but the limit of 50 rules with 30 conditions would limit the use of the override. And the ability to set specific configuration options, such as the delimiter, would require string manipulation which processing rules do not currently support.




Configuration of such a tool would allow a site ID of "site name" and a delimiter of ":" resulting the variables below (per Omniture's own 5 Cs for page naming):


pageName="site name:about_us:legal:home"


prop1="about_us:legal" (prop for Sub Section 1)

prop2="site name" (prop for Site Name/ID)



There would also need to be the ability exclude this tool from auto naming pages in certain directories for sections where the auto-naming may not be desired.

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This tool would also need to have the option to force everything to lowercase in order to reduce the possibility of duplicate page names.



you would probably also need a way to intelligently trucate the value if it exceeds 100 characters.  We normally keep the domain, truncate the middle and keep the end.